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"We use Adaptive Modeler to generate signals for Petrobras stock options. We feed the signals into our automated trading system that sends orders directly to the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. We are using 1-minute quotes. The modeler perfoms very well and we are getting very good signals. I am a big fan of Adaptive Modeler which I consider a wonderful piece of software even though I clearly see that the importance of being 'adaptive' is not well understood by the market."

André Luís Fonseca
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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"Our models are doing well, especially at market extremes. I love the way Altreva buys the bottoms. Last Tuesday [Mar 3, 2009] the Dow had closed down 300 points. Our model gave a long signal and we bought at 7.45am. Our market closes 15 minutes later to echo the Dow and then reopens at 9.50am. I received a call from the Head Office of Man Group plc asking what I thought was my net position. I responded that I was long. Dead silence followed, obviously I was mad. The trade was good from the opening and went on to make impressive profits. We have never had a program that will make these entries and I have been trading since 1986."

Chris Moloney
Man Investments Australia Ltd
"The most practical and user-friendly genetic [financial] modeling tool available. I believe it has great potential for research, practice and teaching. This work on adaptive modeling is an important contribution in extending narrower approaches to the understanding of economic rationality."
Peter Politser, MD, PhD
Brown University, USA
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Author of Neuroeconomics: A Guide to the New Science of Making Choices. Oxford University Press (2008)

"I have used Altreva's Adaptive Modeler as an early adopter, beta tester, paying customer and an individual trader to provide end of day modeling signals for the last 2-3 years.
This program is on the "leading edge" of personal trading technology. By utilizing multi-agent collaboration and evolution techniques, Altreva has made software available to the individual trader that perhaps would otherwise only be found in the offices of top Wall Street trading firms.
The models it renders are excellent. The future is very exciting as it pertains to the direction in which Altreva is heading. I look forward to the launch of new modules that will enhance the software and provide for "plug-in style architecture". The possibility of an API for future algorithm deployment, consensus statements, visualizations, targeting and a comprehensive batch mode reporting module is promising and could further solidify the bond between "man and machine".
I am a very satisfied customer and I believe the future of Adaptive Modeler is bright. I see no other AI technology that exceeds the capability of using adaptive multi-agent techniques to produce next bar forecasts. This program should be a "wake up call" to other competitors who push technical analysis, fundamental analysis, price/volume analysis, news analysis, etc. I suspect, in time, Altreva's technology could leave all others in the dust as it continues its way to the top."

Eric Bennos
Flower Mound, Texas, USA
Name on forum: coherencetrader
"Lots of fun to play with."

Brenda Jubin, PhD
Author of: Reading the Markets - Insights from Financial Literature