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Adaptive Modeler 1.5.3 Professional Edition
Full function set including power user features.
3 years single-user license, including upgrades.

$ 995

Adaptive Modeler 1.5.3 Standard Edition
Main functions including real-time forecasts and signals.
3 years single-user license, including upgrades.

$ 495

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Free Technical Support is included with the Professional and Standard Edition licenses. For support information, see Support.

Users of the Professional or Standard Edition are entitled to all major and minor version upgrades during the term of their license. Users of the Standard Edition may also upgrade to the Professional Edition for the price difference at the time of upgrading. Please contact Support for upgrading instructions.

License renewal
Licenses are valid for the duration mentioned and won't renew automatically. A few days before license expiration, the application will remind the user to order a new license.

Academic discount
Users at academic institutions qualify for a 50% academic discount provided that the license is purchased by the institution. Please contact us for ordering instructions.

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